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November 21, 2017

Asset allocation – November 2017

SUMMARY : Upbeat market in October, led by Japanese equities / ECB asset purchase ‘recalibration’: still accommodative / EM: renewed idiosyncratic risks?

October 17, 2017

Asset allocation – October 2017

SUMMARY Market summary: equitier climb higher in low-vol environment Crude market outlook - the new oïl era Asset allocation: long EM versus DM

September 18, 2017

Asset Allocation September 2017

SUMMARY • Risk assets: under the weather • Upbeat global growth • Asset allocation: back to underweight duration, still bearish on euro versus US dollar

July 18, 2017

Asset Allocation July 2017

SUMMARY • Inflation continues to disappoint • Are central banks debating a change in their reaction functions? • Bond markets are becoming unsettled

June 13, 2017

Asset Allocation June 2017

SUMMARY • Inflation disappoints, but central banks carry on • Is growth becoming more domestic? • Now closed: underweight in developed equities • Overweight real estate rotated from Europe to US

March 9, 2018

US inflation on a rising trend

Our outlook for US inflation and growth has brightened considerably since the start of 2018, so we have lifted our targets for both US Treasury yields and TIPS-based breakeven inflation rates. Here, we review the factors we see as contributing to the rise in US inflation and we look at the potential monetary policy response from the Federal Reserve (Fed).

February 7, 2018

Chronicle of an equity market correction foretold

Flash note on the sell-off and implications for equity allocations

January 26, 2018

The tide is still rising in global stock markets

Why is volatility so low?

December 13, 2017

Central bankers to go easy on any upsets

Equities to benefit from growth, still-low interest rates

November 30, 2017

‘Goldilocks’ economic conditions continue to sustain risky assets

US and eurozone PMIs underscore growth prospects; UK odd one out

Actualização de Alocação de Ativos

Guillermo Felices, Senior Market Strategist da equipa Multi Asset Solutions revê os principais acontecimentos das últimas quatro semanas e discute o impacto dos mesmos na alocação de ativos.


Gestão de Rendimento Fixo

BNP Paribas Asset Management é um dos líderes europeus na gestão desta importante classe de activos.

Investimento alternativo

Uma ampla gama de estratégias de investimento alternativo para clientes em busca de maior diversificação de carteira.


Superiores competências de pesquisa para identificação dos gestores capazes de obter alfa em diferentes condições de mercado.