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Our fund range


To guide your investment approach, we are offering a range of funds structured around four themes. Through these themes, we are providing you with the resources to construct a portfolio tailored to your goals and your knowledge of markets.


Simplify your portfolio management

With our range of funds, you will benefit from:

  • professional asset management by a team of experts;
  • varied investment opportunities and solid diversification for your portfolio;
  • a clearly identified risk level for each fund;
  • performance in line with market momentum.


Why invest in our funds

We offer a highly varied range of funds that represents several asset classes (equity, bonds, money-market funds, etc.) and various regions, sectors and sizes of companies. Using the many funds and asset management strategies available, you can build a portfolio that meets your needs.

By means of a fund, you can seek performance that has been optimised in terms of the risks taken on your portfolio. This complicated balancing act between performance and risk requires the professional expertise to which our funds give you access.

The funds are invested in a large number of securities to diversify your investment across a broad range of securities. This diversification means your portfolio’s value is not tied to the change in price of only a few directly-held securities.

The funds offer considerable flexibility: you have the opportunity to purchase and sell shares at any time. You can subscribe to a unit amount that matches the amount you are able to invest.


What questions should you ask before investing in a fund?

When do you plan to complete your projects?

Depending on the approximate date you wish to complete your projects, your investment horizon and the market in which you invest will vary: for example, for equity funds, an investment horizon of five years is recommended because time blunts the effects of financial market fluctuations, thereby reducing risks.

What return do you expect from your investments in exchange for what risk?

A given return corresponds to a certain amount of risk. Generally speaking, investments with the highest potential performance also pose the highest risk. The higher the risk, the longer the recommended investment horizon.

If you are looking for high returns, you could favour higher-risk investments while making sure to invest over a longer period of time. In contrast, if you are looking to minimise risk of capital loss, you might favour lower-risk investments better suited to shorter investment horizons.


A range of products built around four themes

Out of the wide range of investment funds offered by BNP Paribas Asset Management, we have selected a list of investment funds for you that are grouped into four major themes.